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2018 Bourke Family Menzies Pumps & Irrigation Dubbo Field & Game Christmas Shoot


Bourke Family, Menzies Pumps & Irrigation & Dubbo Field & Game

Christmas Shoot

Sunday December 16th December 2018


Our Christmas shoot rolled around quickly. Chris Bourke and his band of range setters went about setting a great range. He kept it close so as to avoid shooters being out in the heat to long. Mind you he did slip in a few sneaky ones!

With 90 shooters heading out to the range including some that thought today was the day to start taking part in the greatest sport!

Horse decided to add a few novelty items into the mix with flash targets thrown into the traps, scoring the lucky shooter to grab a prize at presentation.

His last stand on range 2 was an “endangered species”. Now this involved 3 targets, 2 orange ones that crossed over each other and the third target being yellow going straight up the middle of them. Object – Don’t Hit The Yellow! If you did you lost all targets.  This stand brought a lot of laughter and heckling – Great Fun!

This year, Dubbo Field & game decided to change the order of presentation slightly! Just because you shot well didn’t mean you actually came away with a prize, enabling those who weren’t quite up there on the day the opportunity to walk away possibly with a ham!

This is how it worked –

1)    you had to be present at the end of the day to be in the running,

2)    each grade had about 6 prizes, 

3)    1st place winner received a ham

4)    then drew out names for the prizes.

5)     Those who didn’t get drawn went into the hat for the end.

6)     So if there wasn’t enough shooters in the grade – those left over prizes went in the hat!

7)    At the end – names left over were drawn out and won the prizes that were left

So anyone could of walked away with a prize! (makes sense to me so hopefully it does to you as well).

If you want to see how you faired – check out the pics of the score boards.

We also had a special guest – Lara Quealy, Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party Candidate for Dubbo. Lara came to range to check out our club and to meet people who are passionate about shooting. While she was here we put her to work presenting the prizes.

She even scored a kiss from our resident Santa Clause!

Flash Targets

John Bryden, Les Townsend, Lance North, James Townsend, Thomas Lyne, John Sidoti, Darrell Matthews, Stephen Payne, Aaron Horder x 2, Min Coleman, Bob Glasson x 3, Bob Richardson x 2, Errol Tuckerm Jared Whittle, Jake McPherson, Keith Lyne, Nick Ridley x 2, Craig Ridley, Paula Heffernan x 2, Paul Cross x 2, Paula Purvis & Luke Cross.


High Gun

Stephen Payne



Alister Lyne



Stephen Cooper



Rob Murray



Peter Tremble



Rod Carr



Laurie Redfern



Les Townsend



Paula Purvis



George Lyne


Sub Juniors

Charlie North



Presidents Ham went to David Rourke

Narromine Rotary Club Person of the Year – Mel Trapman

The Joe Shaloub Encouragement Award – Jake McPherson.


On Behalf of Dubbo Field & Game, we wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope Santa is good to you (maybe bring a new gun in that sleigh of his)

See you all in 2019