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2019 Luke Cross Engineering & Rigging Handicap Shoot


Luke Cross Engineering & Rigging Handicap Shoot

17 March 2019

This is where a bad handicap makes you a winner! Bigger your handicap is the better!

Luke Cross and Brett Hall and their band of helpers once again didn’t disappoint with their range setting.  Targets for all levels of skill, throw in some that had you second guessing your ability but they were all out there able to be smashed!

Like normal Dubbo weather, the wind caused a few hiccups with flight paths but that just added to the fun.

Being a handicap event, your handicap was added to your score for each round and then totalled.


OTG High Gun Winner

Peter Kay 77

Handicap Winners

1st Adam Baker 103

2nd Israel Trapman 101

3rd Jake McPherson 99

4th Anthony Cahill 99

5th Neil Donaldson 97

6th John Sidoti 97

7th Ross Christian 96

8th David Rourke 96

9th Melinda McGrath 95

10th Maureen Ross 95

Huge thanks goes to Luke Cross for his ongoing support of Dubbo Field & Game.

Thank you to all that set the range, packed it up, helped in office, kitchen and anywhere else!