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2017 Peter Kay Gunsmith / Guns and Game Magazine


Starting the June Long weekend of with a "Bang" (pardon the pun) was the Peter Kay Gunsmith / Guns & Game Magazine (Briel Jackson & Family) with 77 shooters taking the range set by PK and his band of merry helpers! Scores were up there with High Gun Winner Andrew Bell hitting 91/100 AA - 1st Robert Hall; 2nd Daniel Baskerville; 3rd Stephen Payne A - 1st Matt Duncan; 2nd John Collier; 3rd Chris Brendon Everett B - 1st Gary Adams; 2nd George Roth; 3rd Dean Short C - 1st Paul Leonard; 2nd Graham Jackson; 3rd Nick Ridley Veterans: 1st Milton Cartwright; 2nd Tony Monk Super Veterans: 1st Phil Craig; 2nd Ross Christian; 3rd John Sidoti Ladies - 1st Helen overton; 2nd Lauren Judge; 3rd Michelle Hooper Juniors - 1st Tom McGrath; 2nd Jack Roth; 3rd Oscar Mower Sub Juniors - 1st Nicholas Lyne; 2nd Tayla Roth; 3rd Hamish Job Alot of shooters took the advantage of using this shoot as a warm up for the State Selection to be held the next day thinking they had the targets sorted but little did they know PK was set to "tweak" the range! Fantastic roll up for the beginning of the Miroku Challenge!