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2017 Menzies Pumps & Irrigation / Bourke Family Shoot


Saturday 16th December saw the Menzies Pumps & Irrigation and Bourke Family shoot.

Although numbers were low, everyone attending had a great day.

Horse and his range setters had a field day, hiding stands in amongst trees etc to catch the shade for majority of the day. Brilliant targets once again by Christopher the Cunning. They were set to make you think outside the square/circle/triangle :-)

High Gun Winner - Alister Lyne on 82

A Grade - 1st Craig Mcpherson 2nd Luke Cross 3rd after a shoot off with Brett Hall was Stephen Cooper (which went down to the last target!)

B Grade - 1st Rob Murray 2nd Rod Hotham 3rd Darren Guy

C grade - 1st Lance North 2nd Luke Tomlin 3rd Stephen Woods

Veterans 1st Peter Kay 2nd Milton Cartwright

Supers 1st Laurie Redfern 2nd Les Townsend 3rd Keith Lyne

Ladies 1st Helen Overton 2nd Michelle Hooper 3rd Mel Phillips

Juniors 1st Eli Kelly

Sub Juniors 1st Nicholas Lyne 2nd Ethan Kelly 3rd Tom Lyne

Dubbo Field & Game wish to thank Menzies Pumps & Irrigation and the Bourke Family for their continued support.