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2017 Christmas Shoot


Dubbo Field & Game Christmas Shoot - Sunday 17th December 2017

Despite the hot conditions, we saw 120 shooters at our Christmas shoot this year, which is astounding! Think it’s the biggest one yet.

Chris, Rob & Mel went about changing a few targets from the previous day (and Im sorry but I was the culprit that changed that lovely little one in amongst the trees, rabbit and the right to left crosser with a slight lift to it – oops am I bad?) We made a few easier and just one or two slightly harder. Our fellow campers came out and helped fill traps etc ready for the morning (very grateful for the assistance)

It was fantastic to see Santa turn up despite his hectic schedule at this time of year. Glad to see he wore his summer suit!

Would like to thank everyone that helped set up and that nasty job of packing everything away after.  

Chris and Paula (only shot for half the day) who manned the office for the day.

To Kennards Hire, for the air conditioning unit which we all enjoyed immensely.

Elizabeth Coaker and Sandra Carr who graciously took over the task of organising lunch for all of us, it’s a huge job and their help is truly appreciated.

Thank you to our President Rob who spent the day doing the running around filling/fixing traps so the shoot kept going smoothly. In between jobs managed to squeeze in his shooting.

Last of all, thank you to all that came out and made the day what it was – BRILLIANT!


Presidents Trophy – Nick Ridley

Club Person of the Year – Mel Phillips

Presidents Secret Selected Score - Thomas Gray

This is presented to a shooter who shot the score the President picked, the winner could not of won a prize on the day.

High Gun – Stephen Payne


1st John Collier

2nd Alister Lyne



1st Craig McPherson

2nd Luke Cross

3rd Brett Hall

4th Chris Everett


B Grade

1st Rob Murray

2nd Stephen Smith

3rd Tony Corderoy

4th Ken Purvis


C Grade

1st Paul Knaggs

2nd Lance North

3rd ??

4th Luke Tomlin


Super Vets

1st John Sidoti

2nd Denis Coaker

3rd Keith Lyne



1st Peter Kay

2nd Tony Monk

3rd Errol Flynn

4th Col Dorman



1st Helen Overton

2nd Lauren Judge

3rd Mel Phillips

4th Michelle Hooper



1st Jackson Fletcher

2nd Eli Kelly

3rd Marcus Fletcher

4th Harry Dakin


Sub Juniors

1st Tom Lyne

2nd Charlie North

3rd Nicholas Lyne

4th ? Codrington


Inter Gun Club Team Event between Dubbo Field & Game and Warren Gun Club

Warren - with 397                                                    Dubbo – Winners with 521

Helen Overton                                                          Craig McPherson

Graeme Patten                                                         Luke Cross

Dallas Codrington                                                   Brett Hall

Glen Codrington                                                      John Sidoti

David O’Brien                                                           Chris Everett

Doug Ferguson                                                        Peter Kay