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2018 Guns & Game Magazine / Peter Kay Gunsmith


Guns & Game Magazine / Peter Kay Gunsmith

Saturday 9th June

The clouds opened up and let some rain fall down on the start of the Long Weekend and shooters did not whinge about it. Just thanking the gods for wet stuff coming from the skies.

A couple of stands you seemed to of walked out 1-2 inches taller due to the mud sticking to the boots but I think that was used to some sort of advantage!

The Guns & Game Magazine teamed up with Peter Kay Gunsmith to host a great day of shooting. With the “lucky score” draw giving the chance of winning a new Miroku shotgun, all shooters went about what we all love to do! Hit targets (well we definitely try to).

Scores were very close with only 1 -2 between the grades

High Gun Winner was the Sneaky Senior Milton Cartwright with an 82


1st Stephen Cooper 75



1st - Andrew Holly 77

2nd - Evan Speirs 70

3rd - Richard Nicholls 68



1st – Chris Bourke 81

2nd – Nick Ridley 80

3rd - Lance North 79



1st – Ian Wilson (after a shoot off) 66+1

2nd – Scott Kelly 66

3rd – Rob Murray 65



1st – Neil Donaldson 74

Kevin Haskins 68



1st Philip Craig – 78

2nd – John Sidoti – 71



1st – Denis Coaker 67

2nd – Les Townsend 64

3rd – Keith Lyne 59



1st – Michelle Craig 68

2nd – Mel Phillips 60

3rd – Lauren Judge 56 (after a shoot off)



1st – Eli Kelly 52


Sub Juniors

1st – Charlie North 73

2nd – Nicholas Lyne 66

3rd – Ethan Kelly 52


The lucky drawn score was 29 so that score and next 4 under that were chosen to shoot off!

This score was a great opportunity for those who aren’t quite up there with the grade shooters and it consisted of a brand new shooter, a lady shooter who doesn’t get to shoot much and a sub junior.

Duncan Stephens, Alison Kelly and Aliza Purvis (there was a 4th shooter but he had left already) shot off for a brand new shotgun. After a tie at the end of the first 25 targets, they turned around and shot them again!

Happy to say that our very own sub junior Aliza Purvis won herself a shot gun!

Many thanks to the sponsors Guns & Game Magazine and Peter Kay Gunsmith.