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2018 Miroku Sporting Classic


Miroku Sporting Classic Shoot

Sunday 10th June

Sun shining – clouds had disappeared during the night, to bring on a beautiful day for shooting.

With a couple of stands being tweaked overnight, the Miroku Sporting Classic took place with another chance to shoot off for a new shotgun.

Scores for the classic being taken over both days of shooting, everyone stepped up their game!

25 Break Badge was up for grabs and Chris Bourke snared it for his 2nd round – congrats Horse

High Gun Winner was the one and only Christopher “Horse” Bourke with a total of 167 for the weekend.


1st Stephen Cooper 163



1st - Andrew Holly 160

2nd - Evan Speirs 153

3rd - Richard Nicholls 150



1st – Nick Ridley 161

2nd – Lance North - 160

3rd – Tony Corderoy



1st – Rob Murray 139

2nd – Ian Wilson 127

3rd – Phil Cleal 124



1st – Milton Carwright 154

2nd – Kevin Haskin 150

3rd – Neil Donaldson 146



1st Philip Craig – 161

2nd – John Sidoti – 150



1st – Denis Coaker 133

2nd – Les Townsend 130

3rd – Keith Lyne 119



1st – Michelle Craig 139

2nd – Mel Phillips 126

3rd – Paula Purvis 116



1st – Eli Kelly 112


Sub Juniors

1st – Charlie North 140

2nd – Nicholas Lyne 125

3rd – Ethan Kelly 114


The lucky drawn score was again selected but this time was further up the ladder with 75.

Rod McDermott, Craig McPherson, Rob Murray, Rupert Backus & Rod Hotham all competed for the gun. All their scores were kept close during the shoot off with only a couple of targets separating them all.

This time the gun left Dubbo club, headed over to Gunnedah!

Rod Hotham took the honours for the day. Congrats Rod!

Thank you to Miroku for their sponsorship!