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2018 Aspect Property Consultatns


Aspect Property consultants

Sunday 15th July

Aspect Property Consultants shoot brought out a great day of shooting.

Range setters Tony Corderoy, Denis Coaker, Rupert Backus, Neil Donaldson, John Corderoy masterminded some fantastic targets for the day.  Peter Kay was given trap trouble duties for the set up.

These guys even had their own catering supplied by Pedr and Jenny Corderoy – I’ve seen some of Jennys creations and I’m surprised the range got set – thought they would have been too busy eating!

Everyone was supervised by a very unwell Stephen Smith who managed to crawl out of bed to come and help. 

Anyone who saw Smithy on the Sunday would of noticed how sick he was.  I hope all those lozenges helped you!

Winners on the day with some very close scores

High Gun – Chris Bourke with a very convincing 90

A Grade

1st – Brett Hooper 88

2nd – Chris Everett 87

3rd – Stephen Cooper 86


B Grade

1st – Richard Nicholls 87

2nd – Brett Hall 86

3rd – Rupert Backus 83


C Grade

1st – Mark Hosking 67

2nd – Nathan Jones 64

3rd – Michael O’Dell 60



1st – Peter Kay 82

2nd – Neil Donaldson 80


1st – Denis coaker 80

2nd – Bob Glassen 58

3rd – David Rourke 57



1st Mel Phillips 69

2nd – Melissa Bourke 61


Sub Juniors

1st – Charlie North 86

2nd – Clinton Hooper 40


2 shooters were lucky to grab a 25 Break Badge each

Congrats to Rupert Backus and Stephen Smith!

Thank you to Peter and Mel for keeping the office running and to all those who cooked a little something for lunch – much appreciated.