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2019 GunPro Pheasant flush



Sunday 19th May saw the Gunpro Pheasant Flush cause chaos and mayhem once again.

Range setters Rob, Mel & Dylen set out 2 ranges - driven and walk up styles.

With a flurry of targets coming from all directions.

5 targets, 5 seconds, 5 targets etc until 80 targets had been released.

Once again teams walked in with plans with who will hit which targets and only to walk out shaking their heads and yelling who took my targets!!

Newest sub junior shooter Dylen Murray set up 2 of the targets on the walk up range, having great fun deciding which direction they will go, how quick (yes we did show him where the spring was) and their height! He was responsible for the 2 single stackers on the ends of the cages. After watching shooters miss them - he informed me he was happy! So look out if we let him loose on range setting again.

The rabbits made a comeback again this year, with a sneaky 2 coming out from under a log. The shooters left quite a few breeders out there.

Another sneaky one on the walk up was the Super Mini - it just floated out to the middle of the chaos from behind a tree. Large percentage of shooters commented "what super mini - I didn't see it" - being so little it was forgotten on a lot of occasions!


The driven range was assisted by the loan of 2 very large scissor lifts from Dubbo Booms & Scissor Lifts, with 3 traps on each sending targets over the heads of the shooters as well as being driven down. The castle and the yellow truck were in play as well sending birds in from either side.

Everyone seemed to have great fun, so make sure you have your teams ready for next year!

Thank you goes to

Rob, Mel & Dylen for setting up the range on Saturday

Tony & Chris Everett for feeding us all (& cleaning the kitchen)

Denielle McPherson for manning the front desk

Amelia Murray for controlling the score board

To those who helped pack away.(sorry I was on the range and didn't see all that helped)

Stuart Cole from Dubbo Booms & Scissor Lifts

But the biggest thank you is to our sponsors


Marty & Nicky Bourke from GUNPRO


Winners Are Grinners


Off The Gun Winners

1st Place - RIGGERS 255 - Brett Hall, Michelle Cross & Luke Cross

2nd Place - TOP JOB 241 - Glen Bloink, Neil Donaldson & Ben Hooper

3rd Place - MELKENS 240 - Mel Phillips, Melinda McGrath & Ken Purvis


Drawn score Winners

1st Place - 3 GENERATIONS 218 - Paula Purvis, Tony Monk & Aliza Purvis

2nd Place - LYNE EXPRESS 222 - Paul Lyne, Keith Lyne & Tom Lyne

3rd Place - US 212 - Wayne Brown, Ben Howard, Adam Carmichael


Handicap Winners (this where a high handicap pays off)

YOUNG GUNS 453 - Archie Backus, Charlie Hooper, Jake McPherson