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2019 DF&G English Sporting



15th June 2019

Bit of a delay in starting but that allowed for the frost to melt and the sun to get some heat in it.

Unfortunately numbers were down today for a great day of shooting.

Those who attended had a fantastic time, brilliant targets and lots of “what the” and “how’d I miss that” but best of all everyone had a great time!

Thanks to range setters Peter Kay, Lance & Charlie North, John Bennett, Les Townsend, Denis Coaker, Colin Dorman, (my apologies if I have missed someone)

Thank you to Narromine Rotary for coming out to feed us all!

128 targets - 2 rounds of 64 English Sporting (all pairs)

High Gun - Luke Cross 113/128

AA Grade

1st - Ken Purvis 105

A Grade

1st - Craig McPherson 111

2nd - Chris Everett 110

3rd - Lance North 107

B Grade

1st - Peter Tremble 99

2nd - Paul Lyne 96

3rd - Ron Spedding 86

C Grade

1st - Adam Carmichael 95

2nd - Adam Baker 82

3rd - Grant Berryman


1st Paula Purvis 92

2nd Melinda McGrath 83

3rd Mel Phillips 82


1st Denis Coaker 91

2nd Les Townsend 83

3rd David Rourke 65


1st - John Sidoti 97


1st - Colin Dorman 83

Sub Juniors

1st - Charlie North 92

2nd - Jake McPherson 87

3rd - Ryan McPherson 63

4th - Dylen Murray 34

Dubbo Field & Game sponsored today’s shoot and fabulous prizes were on offer! Thanks to all that came out and shot!